Shower Affirmations Gift Set - Self Love

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Your shower is already a place to rejuvenate, cleanse, and restore. Now it can also be a safe space to find joy, optimism, and love with this set of abundance affirmation cards.

This gift set includes our Self-Love Shower Affirmation Deck set of 20 waterproof cards, and also includes a eucalyptus shower steamer. Once moistened with water, mantra cards will stick to your shower wall with no adhesive or bleeding colors. Steamers are best used when placed out of direct contact with water but still in a place where they'll get splashed. The steamer will fizz and release a relaxing eucalyptus aroma and should last one or more showers depending on the duration of shower and contact with the water. Remove the steamer from the water when done to keep the shower steamer lasting longer.