Single Sage Stick

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This stick is our top selling stick for new home buyers! 

  • Hand wrapped


Sunshine - Our Sunshine stick is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one.  This stick is topped with yellow yarrow & wrapped in yellow roses.  a This is our most versitle stick because yellow roses are symbol of caring without holding a romantic meaning. When burned, yellow roses produce a light and refreshing scent, while encouraging overall peace!

Relax + Renew- Our Relax + Renew stick is perfect for anyone who is seeking a good night sleep, help in easing their anxiety & a fresh start. The base of this stick is 100% organic white sage that is ethically grown and sustainably sourced. The sage is then wrapped in purple roses and topped with lavender & purple statice! 

Daydream- Our Daydream Stick is composed of sage, cedar and lavender. Each stick is wrapped in a variety of dried botanicals that are filled with alllll the cleansing benefits. Not only is this whimsical, it is perfect for someone who wants to cleanse their space and energy to make room for their daydreams!

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