Gemstone Prong Studs

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This variety of gemstone earrings are simple to add an extra vibe to your aura. Slip these in and get ready to block out any bad jou-jou you encounter on the daily.

  • Natural stone cut into shape
  • Set in an 18k gold-plated prong earring over sterling silver, also known as 'vermeil'
  • Handmade

Each stone is unique and will vary in color and size, they are sisters not twins.

White Howlite is a calming stone that relaxes an overly critical state of mind, and decreases stress and anxiety.

Clear Quartz is a powerful crystal that amplifies the energy around it including other crystal energy.

Amazonite is a powerful crystal that increases communication and words of truth, so you can clearly express yourself.

Amethyst helps with spiritual growth and known to be one of the best energy healers.