High Vibe Polish

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This collection of crystal nail polish has been created to keep you in touch with your favorite stone (literally)! Use it to set intentions and call new energies into your space. As you apple the polish, take a moment to focus on your breath, tune out toxic vibes and envision your intentions manifesting. 

  • Vegan
  • 10-free
  • Handmixed in Brooklyn, NY
  • 15 ml 

Rose Quartz (Love, Hope, Gentleness)

Lapis (Protection, Truth, Reflection)

Moonstone (Intuition, Desire, Feminine Energies)

Black Tourmaline (Mental Clarity, Protection)

Garnet (Supportive, Lifts Burdens, Emotionally Soothing)

Sunstone (Vitality, Optimism, Effervescence)

Tigers Eye (Courage, Focus, Anxiety Relief)

Selenite (Cleansing, Stability, Protection)

Amethyst (Serenity, Insight, Temperance)